The Service We Offer

Counselling for:-

Anger Management
Poor self esteem / Low motivation
Anxiety or Depression
Stress and / or Panic Attacks
Bereavement or Loss
Dealing with Terminal Illness
Communication difficulties
Relationship difficulties / dilemma
Financial Worries
Response to physical illness
Life stage changes
Life crisis
Pet illness / loss
Work place issues

Choice of counsellors available

*Careful initial assessment will be used to identify issues outside our range of expertise, or where the Client might be better served by specialised agencies e.g. drug or alcohol counselling. Clients must be 18 years or over.

Associate Services offered include Hypnotherapy, Work and Life Coaching, and Dispute Resolution Strategies: these are available on request

Group Counselling can be accommodated either at the client's premises or at our offices. It can be tailor made to suit the circumstances, and can be done in conjunction with the client to ensure it is appropriate to need.

Telephone Counselling may be offered as an alternative service for existing Clients who cannot get into the Centre, and would be by pre-booked appointment

Volunteer counsellors, who are completing the final stages of their training, may be considered to provide counselling, if they are available, free of charge, if that is both appropriate and acceptable to the client and the proprietors of Rotherham Counselling Services (RCS), and they are in agreement. This facility is discretionary, and the final decision will be with RCS proprietors.